We don’t simply convert words

from one language to another

From small, quick-turnaround translations to large-scale multilingual projects
we have the expertise, flexibility and dedication to meet all sorts of requirements and exceed our customer expectati
ons in terms of quality, timing and cost-efficiency

Our Services



Translation is carried out by our network of highly-qualified, native speakers of the target languages to ensure both meaning and cultural nuances are properly addressed.

Translated text is checked by professionals using a set of QA parameters to guarantee the greatest degree of accuracy.

Complete translations are returned to our customers in the same format and layout as the source files.


Localization refers to all linguistic and technical tasks needed to adjust products or contents to a specific locale or market.

When localizing, we don't simply translate words and concepts correctly, we adjust content by taking into consideration cultural differences as well as technical and legal standards of the countries where the localized products or content will be used.

Localization is one of WordWays strongest areas of expertise. Thanks to the long and consolidated experience of our resources, working exclusively in the countries where target languages are spoken, we can constantly guarantee full respect of local standards.



Postediting is the process entailing human review and correction of content that has been pre-translated by a machine translation (MT) system. The starting point for posteditors is therefore machine-translated text that needs to be improved in order to reach the desired quality level.

Posteditors working for WordWays are resources with specific skills and technical competences, people whose backgroud goes beyond translation, that are fully familiar with the different requirements of light and full postediting, and have a special eye to spot even the pitfalls of an MT text and correct what is needed.

If you are looking for a postediting service partner we can certainly help you!


Transcreation is a creative translation process where focus is placed on the emotional impact of the translated text or the effectiveness of the target message, thus frequently requiring a radical change of the sentence structure in order to achieve the required fluency and effect.

Transcreation is most appropriate for advertising and marketing material (i.e. brochures) or high-visibility content (company presentations, web sites, etc.) where you need to transfer concepts more than words, and requires specialized resources and an ad-hoc production cycle.

At WordWays we have a deep knowledge of all requirements of a transcreation process and we can provide our customers with the most appropriate resources in order to guarantee the best results from this service.


How We Work

Project Management

All projects at WordWays have dedicated Project Managers, professionals with years of experience in multilingual translation programs
for international market-leading companies
Project Managers are the first point of contact for customers, organize and monitor the whole project cycle by managing crucial steps such as


Any file, any format

Technology has been key to the translation process for a while. At WordWays we've been in this profession since the onset of the first experimental Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools.

Over the years spent within IT giants and in world-leading translation companies we have developed competences to manage all sorts of electronic formats and had the opportunity of witnessing the evolution while acquiring first-hand experience with the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art CAT and Machine Translation (MT) tools.

Whatever is the format of a source file to be translated we have the right solution for each and every customer and project. From simple text files to presentations or brochures with graphics, up to the most complex file structures for websites, thanks to our highly-skilled resources we can adopt the most appropriate technological solution and the most efficient operational approach to offer the best to our customers.

At WordWays Quality is inspirational to the whole company organization: from recruitment and qualification of resources to the application of rigorous operational processes.

All linguistic steps (including translation, editing, final quality checks) are carried out by senior, qualified, mother-tongue resources, carefully monitored during the whole project cycle.

Resources in charge of quality work side by side with Project Managers since the project set up stage, manage terminology and carry out all checks that are necessary to guarantee full compliance of translations with predefined quality requirements. During the checks a number of different aspects are considered, such as:

    • Completeness and correctness of the translation vs. source text
    • Respect of style and terminology guidelines as well as of the appropriate linguistic register and local standards for the target reader and market
    • Style and terminology consistency throughout the documents
    • Layout and formatting consistency vs. source files
Areas of Expertise

We have a deep knowledge of industry-specific terminology and requirements for a variety of business sectors, including:

  Life Science
  Travel, Tourism, eCommerce

  Media and Advertisement
  Food and Wine